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Waterless Pedicures: they’re not traditional but they’re better in every way… trust me!

Welcome to “The Horrors of Water Pedicures, Round 2!” Just kidding, today’s post will tell you what a WATERLESS PEDICURE is, and why we recommend it.  If you missed our last post, check it out here. There’s a number of reasons we do things differently here at Charme Studio, and last week’s post depicts all of that… we want to keep this one a little less scary, and a little more fun-loving :)

So you’ve probably never heard of a waterless pedicure outside of these posts, and that’s totally normal.  Don’t bow your head in shame and close the page because you feel hopelessly lost… I have ALL of the information you need, and promise that the majority of people reading this are in the same boat as you.  


Let’s get down to it… The pros of waterless pedicures:

  • The most sanitary way to receive a pedicure (yay to no cooties!)

  • No cross contamination from other clients

  • No wasting water by filling the tub and refilling for cleaning purposes (better for our planet!)

  • Your feet aren’t coming into contact with the harsh chemicals needed to sanitize tubs

  • Your polish should stay on longer when your nails aren’t drenched in water

  • Less likelihood for minor cuts, over pushing of the cuticles, etc. because the feet haven’t absorbed a ton of water and therefore become extra pliable and sensitive (which means less chance of discomfort but also less chance of open wounds leading to skin infection/disease)

  • A better pedicure in which the nail tech can address problem areas (such as calluses and rough skin) as they will be visible when feet aren’t saturated

  • Diabetic friendly and safe because we are both waterless AND use podiatrist approved products


Now you may be thinking to yourself, “Wow, that’s all great information but aren’t there other factors that contribute to a pedicure being safe?”  Great question! There are, and we happen to follow the most sanitary practices possible in the industry!  Take a look:

  • We are waterless (duh)

  • All instruments used on your feet are sterilized in a medical grade autoclave (an autoclave is the same machine that doctors offices use to sterilize their tools)

  • State regulations only require tools to be submerged in a barricade for 20 minutes to disinfect, but we go the extra mile for our clients by sterilizing in an autoclave (no yucky bacteria here!)

  • We use new gloves for each service (unlike some salons where gloves are worn until they rip… disgusting!)

  • We use brand new files and buffers on each client which means free takeaways at the end of your service, or we simply toss if you don’t want them (all… hmmm maybe I should say “most” salons use the same files and buffers on 100s of people before tossing them… just think about that.  Have you ever gotten cut when your nails were filed? Wouldn’t you feel better knowing the same file hadn’t cut 40 other people and their flesh-eating diseases weren’t now seeping into your skin? Me too.)


And perhaps now you’re thinking, “Okay okay, I get why I should switch to waterless (and honestly Charme Studio sounds amazing and safe so I need to book an appointment immediately), but what’s the experience like? Is it even relaxing?” YES! Here’s what you can expect:

  • You will be reclined in a Zero Gravity chair relieving any pressure on your spine (WAY better than those fluffy-chair-tub-contraptions!)

  • We offer each client a warm blanket and neck pillow, and tuck the client in to relax and enjoy the spa pedicure experience

  • You will not have to assist the nail tech by lifting your feet or adjusting (which can sometimes create uncomfortable positioning), as the zero gravity chairs have you laid back for both your comfort and the comfort of the nail tech

  • Most clients fall asleep and wake up with soft feet and beautiful toes… the pedicure is just that comfortable!

If the dangers in our last post weren’t enough to convince you, I hope that the pros of waterless pedicures, our unbeatable sanitization standards, and the description of what our pedicures “look” like will have you reconsidering your conventional pedicure!  There’s no price you can put on peace of mind, and that’s exactly what we provide.  And if you’re not in the Tacoma area, please do research wherever you are! Nail salons across the country are not following the Federal Guidelines and their clients’ health is at stake.  I don’t know about you but I certainly don’t have time for foot surgery caused by a simple pedicure, and I bet you don’t either!