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Let’s get this (nail) party started!


Take a second to day dream… picture the day before your wedding.  You have a big rehearsal dinner scheduled in the evening followed by a night of lounging with your favorite ladies before the big “I do.”  You and your partner have guests visiting from out of town, so you’ve gotten two suites at your favorite local hotel. The boys are doing whatever boys do the day before The Big Day, and you and your bridal party -- plus your mom, grandmother, favorite aunt, etc. -- have ordered room service for lunch AND you’re all getting pampered by the Charme Studio team: manicures and pedicures galore.  Some are lounging on the sofa, while others are sitting at a desk, but each of your girls has chosen her desired location to receive the perfect fingernails and toes before the night’s festivities begin. Sounds like the most relaxing way to begin a wedding weekend, does it not??


Today I’m talking about NAIL PARTIES!  Woohoo!! Blushing brides along with all of their closest gal pals love to call on our services for perfect nails.  We are efficient and have a special -- and compact -- travel kit that makes it easy to take our studio on the road.   


After many bridal nail parties under our belt, I’ve compiled a few tips for our brides:


  • Definitely get GEL NAIL POLISH: we absolutely cannot recommend this enough because while we use high quality polish, regular nail polish can chip much easier than gel polish and I don’t know about you but the last thing I want to be worried about as a bride (or a member of the bridal party) is hiding my chipped nail

  • It is never a bad idea to pick a nude/light nail color for the bride: you want all eyes on your ring, not your hot pink nails

  • Our two most requested nail colors for bridal parties: “Tan My Hide” by Gelish and “Paloma” by Lechat Perfect Match

  • With wedding season right around the corner, make sure to plan ahead and book your nail services soon





Now if you’re not planning your wedding, don’t worry!  We still want to schedule a nail party for you. Whether that means a little appreciation office party pampering, a visit to a nursing home -- with Charm and Chico per request -- or hospital for clients who simply cannot make it to the studio, baby showers, girls night in, or even children’s birthday parties, these are all wonderful reasons for us to come to you for a little bit of pampering.  Our only request when we travel for our nail services is that towels be provided… otherwise, the fact that we are waterless makes the entire process fairly simple!


Speaking of children’s parties, we LOVE kids!  Parents often want to add a little extra, so we offer scrub making as well as gift bags.  We teach the kids how to make their own sugar scrubs -- which also happen to be great party favors -- using 100% natural, organic ingredients.  And, to really put the party of pampering over the top, we can offer gift bags at an additional cost. We are able to save the parents the hassle of coming up with a party favor and an activity, and it is truly a memorable spa party for the kids!


But wait, how much will a nail party set me back?  You might be surprised… we charge the same prices for off-site nail parties as we do for regular services in our studio.  The only difference is that dependent upon how far we have to travel, we may charge a travel fee. I know… it seems a bit too good to be true, but there’s no hidden fees!  We want to be able to offer our clients great services for their special occasions with as much ease as possible… that way we can finish up our job, and you can go back to partying the night away.


Umm… I’m not really into house parties...can I bring my friends to your studio for a private event?  Absolutely!  On-site nail parties simply require booking the studio well enough in advance that it is available.  You may bring your favorite beverages -- wine night anyone? -- and snacks, and enjoy time with your people.  If you’re celebrating something special, you may choose to decorate however you’d like and transform the space to match the mood of your event.  Should the size of your party be larger than we can fully accommodate in the studio, we can set-up tables in our hallway/waiting area to expand the space a bit.  For studio parties, we book out the studio for the length of time it would take to accomplish each service requested, and then any additional time needed should be requested in advance at a rate of $200/hour.


So what do you say?  Want to make your day dream a reality?  Nail parties are the perfect way to enjoy time with friends, whether it be a special occasion or a “just because” get together with the girls.  And don’t forget, you can make someone’s day with a nail party for one by sending us to a local nursing home or hospital! Don’t wait, book today.