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The New Vegan, Organic, Medical-Grade, Plant-Based, Gluten Free Mani of your DREAMS

At Charme Studio, we pride ourselves in providing our clients with the best of the best; the best products, the best technicians, the best nail shop environment… and we are truly taking the BEST, to a whole new level.

After months of research, testing, and true dedication, we’re announcing our newest manicure: VOMP. I know the name may sound a little silly, but we figured, why not use an acronym for all the amazing benefits provided in this fantastic new offering? V is for Vegan (duh! You know we’re huge animal lovers over here!), O is for Organic (only the BEST for our customers), M is for Medical-Grade (because what could be better than products safe enough for DOCTORS?!), and P is for Plant-based (making sure the products we use connect to nature is very important to us.) But wait, there’s more! All products used are also gluten free, 100% cruelty-free, oxygenating, Keto friendly (!!!), natural, and even promote weight-loss. Seriously, we’ve thought of it all this time. Additionally, because of the high quality products used, they also allow your nails to breath as if they had no polish on at all. How great is that?!



HOLD UP, what!??!

If you are scratching your head in confusion about our latest manicure (fondly named VOMP), kuddos to you!  And if you thought I was being serious, you REALLY need to read this post.

Listen ladies, nail shops everywhere are coming up with the most bogus marketing gimmicks EVER… and people are falling for it. Please, don’t be one of those people! Just because a trendy buzz word is conveniently thrown into a shop’s name or nail service, doesn’t mean it is accurate (or even applies to the industry at all!)

A friend drove past a newly branded nail shop the other day now named, “Organic Nails” in big green letters (oh my goodness, that green really makes me think of organic plants… hahaha). Newsflash, there’s no such thing as an “organic” manicure. Sure maybe there’s organic products used for the sugar scrub or lotion or whatever, but the process as a whole is not organic. One of the biggest areas that we see “natural” and “organic” used these days is for dip powders… but as I’ve previously written about in this post, there’s no such thing and no they’re not safe or good for you like they’d lead you to believe.

A real manicure name from another shop read, “Signature Base Coat Oxygenating Medical Grade 10-Free Gel Manicure.” I swear on my life I didn’t make that up, and I also swear it is complete BS. There is absolutely no such thing as medical grade manicures (I’ve also seen the term “surgical grade” used which similarly means nothing.) In our nail shop we do use a medical grade autoclave to sterilize the tools (read about it here), but that’s as close to medical and nails as you can get. TRUST ME, people in the medical profession make too much money doing what they do to suddenly decide to do nails for a living in a random nail shop. There will never be a medical practitioner performing your pedicure and the word itself is simply used to make people feel safe to use the services. Now sometimes there are “medical manicures and pedicures” offered in podiatrist offices, but even then, those NAIL TECHS are not able to diagnose anything and would still have to refer a client to a doctor should they see something abnormal on someone’s hand or foot (the only plus there is that they -- like us -- tend to do waterless mani/pedis). Additionally, “oxygenating” is one of those kind of weird words that I’m seeing used a lot lately but couldn’t quite tell you why? Nails do not have lungs and do not breath, therefore, nail polish claiming to allow your nails to breath is ridiculous, and the dead material that nails are made out of requires no oxygenating… so, also ridiculous.

Now for the vegan/cruelty free claims… in nail polishes you’re not likely to come across anything that comes from or is a byproduct of an animal. That being said, there are a number of lines out there now using the vegan/cruelty free stamp because that also means the products are not tested on animals. So, this marketing buzzword isn’t 100% crazy, but still, if vegan/cruelty free is what you’re truly concerned about, we suggest doing your research to make sure the shop isn’t just making the claims to draw you in.

Gluten-free. HAHAHAHAHA. Oh my gosh, sorry. Gluten comes from wheat. Wheat would never be in nail products ergo, though they probably are in fact gluten free, it’s because that’s not really a factor in the nail industry. Again, companies get that tons of people are adhering to a gluten free lifestyle so they now want to become more relevant to those people. Just don’t let someone’s marketing strategy dupe you into something that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense if you really think about it.

So there you have it folks. VOMP is not actually being added to our list of services, but we did want people to be aware of the industry trends that have little to no merit, but are somehow still tricking people into services (frequently at a higher-cost.) Hopefully you found our joke to be funny and also learned a few things to look out for next time you’re shopping for a new nail salon.

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