Charme Studio

Natural Nail Services - Regular Polish, Gel/Shellac Manicures, IBX Nail Strengthening Treatments, Waterless Pedicures, Organic Facials and Waxing. Nail Parties & Traveling Nails services!



Hi! My name is Martina! I have been a licensed manicurist since 2010. I have worked in a few different local nail salons including, La Bella and Julep. In 2013 I struck out on my own and started Tina's Traveling Nails. These past few years has been so rewarding. I am so excited to embark on this new adventure, evolving my business to Charme Nails + Skin Studio. I have recently been featured in various publications and also awarded South Sound Magazine's Citizen of the Year for my work as The Nail Fairy.

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Hi, My name is Candace. I'm a licensed Cosmetologist. Throughout my experience, I have learned that my passion has always been nails. From starting out by doing my friends & family's nails, to now making it a career. I am fortunate to have found a great team to be apart of, doing what I love. 

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Hello my name is Linda, I had graduated at clover park technical college in 2013. Receiving my cosmetology license, where I specialized in nail, hair and beauty. I have been in the industry for 5 years now. My background lies in providing mani and pedi services to an array of clientele. While ensuring outstanding client satisfaction. 

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At only the young age of 23, Alexis has been dubbed “the lash goddess”. Starting her career journey in 2014 after successfully graduating high school, she found herself unsure of what exactly she wanted to do. After much contemplation and research, Alexis found her self attending the Gary Manuel AVEDA Institute in the downtown Seattle neighborhood of Capitol Hill.

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Hi, I’m Charm. Yes, that Charm—the one who inspired the name of the salon. The extra “e” was my idea. I think it adds something, don’t you? A certain je ne sais quoi—and that “quoi” is what makes me moi! 

You’ll get to know me at the salon. I love people of all ages, especially the ones who pamper me. If you’re mellow and you smell good, I will jump on your lap and allow you to rub that spot behind my ears. You know the spot. Yeah, that one. Squeeee! Don’t worry about your nails. My mom is used to working around me. She loves it. 

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Hi!  I’m Chico!  I spent many years in the lap of an elderly woman who fed me a lot of chicken and cheese all day.  Martina put me on a diet but still lets me have the occasional Puppuccino from Starbucks.  My favorite part of assisting with manicures services is being a great lumbar support.  

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