Charme Studio

Natural Nail Services - Regular Polish, Gel/Shellac Manicures, IBX Nail Strengthening Treatments, Waterless Pedicures, Organic Facials and Waxing. Nail Parties & Traveling Nails services!



Hi, I’m Charm. Yes, that Charm—the one who inspired the name of the salon. The extra “e” was my idea. I think it adds something, don’t you? A certain je ne sais quoi—and that “quoi” is what makes me moi! 

You’ll get to know me at the salon. I love people of all ages, especially the ones who pamper me. If you’re mellow and you smell good, I will jump on your lap and allow you to rub that spot behind my ears. You know the spot. Yeah, that one. Squeeee! Don’t worry about your nails. My mom is used to working around me. She loves it. 

I hate small talk that’s not about me, so here are some tidbits that will help you steer the conversation:

Likes: heaters, naps, four-armed sweaters (size XXS, obv), laps, soft beds, treats, tutus and wings, patches of grass (some privacy, please), post-manicure hand lotion, peanut butter, selfies!, spoon-feeding, tail dye, expensive surprises, my fans (tag me! #charmhasfans).

Turn-offs: traveling in anything other than a purse (I mean, come on!), shopping online (what can I say? I enjoy the attention of the “live” experience), overly energetic and “outsized” dogs (would it kill you to take it down a notch?), dental surgery, loud noises, self-involved people, overgrown cuticles, the word “no,” and overexertion. 

I’m super excited to meet you at the salon! Welcome to my world!