Charme Studio

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Hi!  I’m Chico!  I spent many years in the lap of an elderly woman who fed me a lot of chicken and cheese all day.  Martina put me on a diet but still lets me have the occasional Puppuccino from Starbucks.  My favorite part of assisting with manicures services is being a great lumbar support.  While Charm (my step sister) prefers laps, I enjoy being a cozy back support for our clients.  I enjoy the music of Ed Sheeran and can do the moonwalk to the beat of the song, Shape of You. I also like to back it up when I’m preparing to snuggle in for a cuddle or being picked up for a hug.  I’m a bit vocal for attention when I’m being ignored but all in all I’m no worse than Charm is when it comes to being demanding.  She was a great teacher and I adore her!  I’m a bit nosy but it’s all because I’m eager to learn new stuff even though my sense of direction and ability to hold my tongue in my mouth make people think I’m dumb.  I’ve got them fooled!