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Dip Powder Manicures: sold as safe and organic… but is it really?


You know how people read something on the internet these days and almost automatically think it is true?  If it looks like a news article it must be accurate right?  I mean I’m sure YOU personally are not one of those people but we all know at least one of them.  Anyone can put any information out there, and sadly if they’re convincing enough, someone might just believe them.  Maybe it’s because we are such a fast paced society that we don’t stop to do our own research and therefore we end up getting duped by scammers?  And because people know they can use the right buzz words that consumers want to hear, they do… even if they’re false.  

Well when it comes to all things nails, I don’t want you to be one of THOSE people who believes everything they hear… so let me dispel a ridiculous trend going around: nail shops across the country are talking about this wonderful new fad called “Dip Powder Manicures.”  They’re the latest in SAFE and ORGANIC nails… or so they say! What a joke! I emphasized safe and organic but let me be crystal clear, there’s nothing safe or organic about the process (it isn’t even regulated!) which begs to ask the question… why are nail shops so ready to lie to their customers?

Let me break it down for you. “Dip Powder” is essentially colored acrylic powder.  If you look at one of the most popular brands of dip powder, SNS, you will see that it has the same ingredients as acrylic powder.  What’s more is the base for the dip powder has all the same ingredients as Krazy Glue… that’s a little terrifying. I mean just think of all the chemicals.  Even crazier is that I’ve (of COURSE) done my research and know what’s what, and yet I will still have clients telling me that other shops truly offer Organic Dip Powder Manicures. I mean heck, even SNS’ website makes it seem like its products are 100% safe and organic… but I promise you… that’s simply not true.


But wait a second! Acrylic nails have been around forever so they can’t be THAT bad right?! Many people have had acrylic nails at some point in their lives… you may even have them right now.  I don’t want to be too harsh but I mean… they’re not great for you. Yeah, they may look good if done correctly, but the chemicals in acrylic are bad for client’s nails and respiratory.  You know that really strong smell you sometimes encounter in nail salons that can give you a headache?  That’s from acrylic.  Perhaps more scary than the yucky odor and headache you may or may not have to endure is what else can happen to your nails if acrylics aren’t done correctly. Think infections and fungus under the acrylic nail causing long-term damage, and/or gaps between the real and acrylic nail letting in moisture causing bacteria growth. No. Thank. You. And have you ever really considered how silly it is to use a drill on your nails when that same tool is used to build furniture? Come on… you have to know that’s not healthy. When acrylic OR dip powder is removed (remember it really is the same thing), nails are left thin and weak from the chemicals and drilling… which is great for nail salons because then you as the customer want to hide that fact and therefore continuously repeat the process, but its bad for your nails.  It is a vicious cycle really, but we here at Charme Studio aren’t okay with that.

At Charme we will never provide any services to our clients that are bad for their health! For that reason, we only provide NATURAL NAIL SERVICES: Manicures/Pedicures, Regular Polish, Gel polish, Nail Strengthening Treatments, and Skincare Services. That also means we will never do acrylic nails, dip powder manicures, or any other kind of nail enhancement that is not safe.  Not only do we test all of our products on ourselves before exposing them to our clients, our goal is to try and help clients grow their nails naturally and keep them strong... not to ruin them.

So please, don’t believe everything you hear or read.  Don’t be another victim of the nail industry… thinking you’re doing something good for your nails by getting a “dip powder manicure” because it is “safe” and “organic,” but really just becoming another victim to nail salon scams aimed at padding their pockets at your expense. If it is so safe and organic you could drop a spoonful of dip powder into your tea like sugar, right?  But, alas… your tea would be swimming with chemicals and probably taste pretty horrendous too. You can’t believe everything you hear, beauties!